QRT tonight


There is bad weather rolling in right now, plus a solar storm, so I’m QRT for the night and disconnecting coax and tethering down the antenna.  My daughter also has a sleepover tomorrow, so I might not be on the air tomorrow.  Saturday however, I’m going to give 6m a try.  I have a resonant antenna, so someone give me a frequency to try.

Since I’m going to make Saturday a DX-day, I’ll also be on 17 and 15m.

73, Alan 9X0TA / KE4TA

Until you hear QRZ

I’mma take as much time for each QSO as I damn well see fit.  Jumping in, trying to insert your callsign into the middle of my QSO only slows the process down.

You want to get worked, let me finish the QSO I’m currently involved in, and stop trying interrupt it by screaming your callsign into the microphone.

I missed a QSO by someone who was being polite, and I was trying to work this person, and was prevented from doing so because people wouldn’t be patient and just wait.  I’M HERE FOR THREE YEARS PEOPLE! Take it easy, I’ll get to you.

If it keeps up, I’m going to resort to scanning the bands, responding only to others calling CQ, then changing frequencies to another person calling CQ.



Still waiting on license, but I have a proof QSL card.

So I’m still waiting on my license from the RURA, they’re dragging their feet somewhat.  I’m not happy about it.  I’ve been riding my new motorcycle enough that I’m comfortable going up there without hiring a cab driver to take me.

BUT IN OTHER NEWS!!!! N4GNR has designed a very nice QSL card for me.

This is by far the nicest QSL card I’ve ever had.  Thanks Dan, it looks great.

Some people have emailed me asking if I can work 6m.  I will only know the answer to that question once I receive authorization from the RURA.  But if they allow it, absolutely, I will be working 6m.  I intend on constructing a rope yagi for 6m.  Not sure how many elements I’ll be able to squeeze into my yard, but I’ll do my best.

Alan, 9X0TA / KE4TA



Well, one of the things about Africa…. there aren’t exactly electrical codes to deal with.  My UPS doesn’t work, and none of the connections are grounded.  I got a few doses of 220v this morning while getting my radios set up.  I guess note to self… Set up the grounding system before you plug anything in.

Alan 9X0TA / KE4TA

Fees paid, License in a few days

Went over to the Rwanda Utilities Authority (RURA) yesterday to get my invoice for my license yesterday.  For anyone coming to Rwanda, the process is something like this…

  1. Fill out your application, you can then email it along with copies of your license, your passport, etc. to the RURA.
  2. The RURA will call you when things are ready. In my case, I had an email exchange to determine an acceptable call sign, which is how I found out my call sign in advance.
  3. Go to the RURA building in Kiyovu, go to the 5th floor to sign your application, then go to the 3rd floor (Finance department) to get your invoice.
  4. Go to the bank of Kigali around the corner, get cash from the ATM, then go inside to make a deposit in the RURA account under your name.
  5. Return to the RURA Finance department with the receipt.
  6. Finance will sign off on it, then you’ll return with all of your documentation to the 5th floor, hand it to the office that will handle your license, then return in 2-3 days to pick up your license.

I’m still getting the shack set up for operation. My new office is small and somewhat cramped, so it won’t look that great, but with any luck I’ll have everything in order by this weekend.

73, Alan, 9X0TA / KE4TA

Meetup with Ben DB2LS / 9X2LS

Had dinner with Ben, 9X2LS, last night, and he brought over his FT-857.  We set up a field expedient antenna and made a few attempts to get out there.  Neither of us were familiar with the radio, which didn’t help.  My hope was that the high noise levels he encountered at his residence wouldn’t be present here in Kimihurura. But alas, noise on all bands is around S8 or so.  Ben is coming over again today to help troubleshoot, and hopefully we’ll be able to get on 40m later on today.

Alan, KE4TA, 9Xsomething