9X0TA QRT for the moment

The last operating day of 2017 has passed, and along with it my operating license.  I’ve contacted RURA to get a renewal, but with the holidays, it is taking time.  Band conditions were a perfect storm yesterday, too good for FT8, but not quite good enough for SSB.

I’ll let everyone following know when I’m back on the air.

73, Alan, 9X0TA / KE4TA

And we’re back…

So my parents are still visiting, so my air time is limited, but I hope to get on in the next few days.  Akagera National Park was amazing.  Heres a few pictures.

BUT, on a side note, I did find a great place for a camping site.  High elevation, no noise.  It will be a great site for a camping trip one day, and a place to bring and set up the radio and a field expedient antenna.  I already asked and the park has no problems letting me use my radio here.  The lower power won’t be great, but the lower noise will be amazing.

73, Alan 9X0TA / KE4TA