Meeting with future QSL manager N4GNR

I had the chance to meet with my future QSL manager in person, Dan N4GNR.  I must say, he has quite the DX’ing setup.  He offered me the chance to get on the air at full power with a 151ft tower and a 20m 7 element Yagi… mind blown.

He’s convinced me that I’ll need to find a way to get a yagi or a hex beam out there with me.  I think I’ll skip the motorized rotor, and go with aiming it a direction for a few days/weeks, then move it in a different direction to work other parts of the world.


KE4TA, 9Xsomething

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone out there.

The packing continues.  Getting everything ready, deciding what goes with us, what stays here, and what goes in the trash is a never ending saga.  Plus stockpiling things that we won’t be able to get (peaches and cranberries are two big ones)

Band conditions have been abysmal of late, perfect time for me to brush up on my CW.

I also got a chance to work a station on split for the first time, station in the Canary Islands, it was interesting to say the least.

73, KE4TA, 9Xsomething