First part of packout starts tomorrow, and I have an amplifier.

As some of you may be aware, traveling on the governments $$$ to Africa is never easy.  We have our first shipment of air freight (limited to 875 lbs) getting packed out and shipped tomorrow.  No room for radios on this one, its mostly clothes and kids stuff.  But the computer is going, so my next post may very well be from Rwanda with a new call sign.

In other news, the ‘QRO Club’ failed in their efforts to deliver an amplifier.  I definitely wanted some power, if not 1500W, and the rest of my equipment is rated for full power, but I couldn’t justify the price.  BUT! Not to fear, in spite of obstacles, I did get an Solid State amplifier, rated for both 240 and 120 V, and good for 600W PEP.  I like that it doesn’t require the level of tuning or expertise as a tube amplifier.  I think it will serve me well.  Between the 600W and the Hexbeam, I think everyone who wants to work me should be able.

73, KE4TA, 9Xsomething