In not amateur radio related news…

I still don’t have my radios or antennas yet, (too long to ship via air freight). But I did get my bicycles.  Did a Mountain ride on Saturday pulling my daughter on a trailer. Thankfully it was at a lake and mostly flat.  This morning I did a short road ride as an introduction to Kigali rush hour traffic.  Its not for the weak of heart.  The motos actually look out for you, I had one ride right behind me as a deterrent to other vehicles.  Cars and busses on the other hand won’t give you an inch of room.  Thankfully the speed limit is only 40kmh in the city, not that its respected, but traffic is congested enough that you rarely go that fast.  As soon as I’m stronger I’ll start tackling the hills.  I’ve been here just over three weeks and I’ve already lost around 5kg of weight.  I haven’t been starving myself, just walking and only eating when I’m hungry.  I’m sure the scarcity of fast food probably helps as well.

73, KE4TA, 9Xsomething

The bureaucracy must expand to meet the growing needs of the burreaucracy!

I’ve begun filling out the forms for my license.  Apparently it takes two weeks and quite a bit of money.  The only part that is annoying, is that it will require me to physically visit the licensing bureau in person.

I’ve been drawing out potential locations for the shack and how I will route the coax so that it will not interfere with the gardener performing his duties.  I have a flat roof on one of our buildings which would be a nice out of the way location, but it would mean breaking out a ladder any time I wanted to rotate the antenna.  A ground based location would be simpler and allow me to rotate easier. So many decisions.

73, KE4TA, 9Xsomething