9X2AW in Rwanda!

So 9X2AW is just outside Kigali Rwanda, I got the chance to talk with him over the last few days and get a few chances to meet him.  He is a very charming man who is amazing on CW, and really enjoys working a pileup on CW.  He is using a vertical antenna with three radials along with a very nice remote antenna tuner.

We got a chance to compare his IC-7300 with my FT-991 today courtesy of an antenna switch and some great conditions on 15m.  First of all, the noise levels at his QTH are amazing compared to Kigali, I will be making a few trips up here to work.  Noise was at least 3 S-units below my QTH.  Otherwise, I found that his IC-7300 was superior to my FT-991…. Of course, he said the same thing about my FT-991.  I think they’re both fine radios, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Aside from radio noise, I loved how quiet his location was otherwise. This is a very short trip out of Kigali, and a great respite from the noise of the city.

Please note that Harald (9X2AW) has very limited internet access.  He cannot access any of the spotting networks.  He actually has to walk to a particular tree to find a good cellular signal. We are making daily contacts on 15m to communicate any schedule requests and to pass any other important traffic.  Please feel free to email me at alan.norman(at)gmail.com and I’ll try to get information to him.

73, 9X0TA

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