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So I had someone send an email regarding logging.  So I’ll outline my complete steps.

  1. QSOs are entered into N1MM+ logger as they are made.  I do not keep paper logs.
  2. As the QSOs are entered, they get automatically uploaded to Clublog. You can see the log in real time. (Unless I forget to start up the program that transfers directly, which sometimes happens)
  3. At the end of the night, or sometimes if I take a break, I export to an ADIF file.
  4. I use TQSL to upload the ADIF to LoTW.
  5. After giving LoTW a few minutes to process the file, I use QRZ.com to download directly from LoTW and update my logbook there.

I do not upload to EQSL.cc or any other site.  I have found that their interface is just too clunky and time consuming, whereas LoTW and QRZ are relatively easy.

I do like physical cards from everyone, but of course I also appreciate having the logs electronically verified.  The instant satisfaction of seeing a rare or new DX country or state marked as verified is nice.  For everyone who has done so, I appreciate it.


Alan 9X0TA / KE4TA

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