Do I do Schedule SKED requests?

Yes! I do schedule requests.

You are absolutely welcome to ask, and depending on my schedule, I will do my best to accomodate you.

If you send me an email, please put “SKED” in the subject line.  If I can make it happen, I will reply to you.

73, 9X0TA

9 thoughts on “Do I do Schedule SKED requests?”

  1. Hello OM. I need 9X on all band from 30 – 160 M. I have KW and wire antennas. Let me know good date and time to try any or some of these bands. 73 K0BJ

    1. Unfortunately I only have 20m-6m antennas right now. Space constraints. But when I get the chance I’ll have one set up and will definitely post about it.


    1. OK, I can get on 20m any time you like, let me know the next time you’re on the air and we’ll find a frequency.


    1. Unfortunately I have family in town this week, so no playing on the radio for me.


  2. I may be available. I’m not sure just yet. May and June are typically very busy months in Rwanda for muzungu’s (foreigners, ie, white people for the most part). The school year is ending, lots of families are going on vacation, about 1/3 of the families are leaving or arriving for good. Its a busy time for everyone. I’ll send you an email today.
    -Alan 9X0TA

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