How to work DX on FT8

So pileups can be frustrating, for both the DX and the DE stations.  Heres how to work a DX station on FT8.

First, my three major rules about FT8:

  1. I always send 73 at the end, it confirms the end of the QSO, and gives me a few seconds to find the next station I’m going to work
  2. I try to work the weakest stations first, so drop your power.
  3. I deliberately avoid stations transmitting on the same frequency I’m transmitting on, or the freq that my current QSO is transmitting.

So, to the 2nd point, my experience, is that 30W is more than enough for most DX work in Rwanda.  Combine that with a good antenna, and your signal will get thru.  Theres no need for QRO here.

To the 3rd point.  As per my previous post, if you’re all transmitting on the same frequency, I hear nothing.  I will continue to finish my current QSO until my finals blow out.  Heres how to fix it.  First, go into your WSJT settings, and uncheck this box.  Unlock your TX from your RX.  When you’re answering me, I can hear you, I’m always watching the Band Activity window to see who is out there.  And I’m looking at your frequency.  If you’re right on top of me, I will ignore you.  500hz makes all the difference between a QSO that takes 1 minute, and a QSO that takes 5 minutes.

QSX or QRT my friends.


Alan, 9X0TA

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