Living in DX-land

A good night on 20m tonight.  I must confess, I can only handle about an hour at a time before I need to take a break.

Doing a DXpedition seems easy sometimes, sure, you’re operating around the clock for a few weeks, but thats what you’re there to do.  Here I have wife, kid, three dogs, a job, a motorcycle, touristy things to do.  It never seems like I have enough time to work everyone.  I do try.  I feel like I can handle at most one hour of SSB per night.  Working the digital modes does feel like cheating sometimes, but its much easier on the ears.

Please if you can make it easier on me, spread out.  Unless you’re my first contact of the night, I’m working QSX, and that typically means I’m listening 3khz to 5Mhz up.  I’m joking of course, but I have noticed a trend where I’m TX on say 14240Khz, and I move to QSX, and then I get spotted as working split on say 14245Khz.  And then a few thousand of my closest friends stick to 14245.  I appreciate that you’re not transmitting on the frequency that I’m using, but if you’re all on the same freq, then I still can’t hear you.  Friends, please, spread out.  If you’re all on, say 14245, I typically ignore it, and look for the lonely signal a few Khz away, its most likely weaker, but I can hear that signal much more easily.

Thanks for all the new places I worked tonight.

Alan, 9X0TA / KE4TA


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