N0UN on 15m

Heres the mp3 from a QSO, thanks to N0UN.  Wayne you had a great signal.  And this accurately describes a lot of my feelings on spotting.  I appreciate the help, I really do, and I know you want to let other amateurs get a difficult call sign, but the pileups do get tedious to say the least.  I enjoy it more when a station finds me, or even more when I hear someone calling CQ, and to surprise them with a reply.


One thought on “N0UN on 15m”

  1. Hi Alan

    I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU or sticking it out with me for a FT8 contact. I have a modest station with a LOT of noise and I have tried to get you several times. 9X is a new country for me – THANK YOU.

    I also listened to the clip above with N0UN and you do have a great signal.

    Once again thank you,

    Dave Higgs ZS2DH
    Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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