The Gear

As it stands right now, my amateur radio related gear is as follows.

  • Rig: Yaesu FT-991, max power 100W
  • Astron 20A power supply, which I hope to upgrade soon (suggestions are welcome)
  • MFJ-998 Antenna Tuner (amazing piece of gear)
  • Heil headset with footswitch
  • William Nye straight key
  • Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr iambic key
  • Lots of LMR-400 bury flex coaxial cable
  • 2 x MFJ 1:1 baluns
  • 1 x Unadilla 4:1 balun
  • Current antennas are a 40m/15m dipole, which is also resonant on 6m with the internal tuner.  All bands but 10m are workable using the external tuner.
  • working on a fan dipole for 20m/17m at present, I’ll let everyone know how that turns out.
  • Working on an OCF/Windom dipole for 80/40/20/15/10.  Routing the lines at my current QTH is difficult.
  • I will have an amplifier courtesy of the QRO club before I leave, they’re loaning it to me, for TWO YEARS, FOR FREE!!! (UPDATE: Nope, looks like I’m running 100W the whole time since W1YW can’t return an email)
  • Software will be Ham Radio Deluxe, N1MM logger, FLDigi, and WSJT-X.
  • The official record for QSLs will be whatever I import into Ham Radio Deluxe.  I will upload to QRZ,, and LoTW.  I would appreciate it if you would upload your contacts to LoTW.
  • My QSL manager will be announced in a separate post.


Alan, KE4TA aka 9Xsomethingsomething