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So the bill has come due for webhosting, and honestly I don’t see myself as active enough to pay 160 USD when I could get the same outreach to you via facebook.  I will set up a group/page shortly.  Shoot, maybe I’ll actually get on the air.  I do feel bad that I haven’t had time for amateur radio lately.  Between my job at the embassy, my job running the only bicycle shop in the country, and my daughter in 1st grade, it feels like I barely have time to do anything else. Amateur radio is one of my favorite hobbies since I was 12, and everything else seems to be choking it out of my life at present.

I just came back on a redeye from South Africa, and I’m working on about two hours of “airplane sleep”.  If you have ever tried to sleep on a crowded airplane, you have an idea of how tired I am.

Cheers, and 73,

Alan, 9X0TA

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