QRT for tonight, but scouting for another country!

I’m solo parenting most of this week, which is why I’ve been off the air.  I’m going to spend at least a few hours tomorrow to work 15m and 20m as much as I’m able.  I did get a nice grounding bus in the mail the other day, which I might have the time to install and get rid of my ‘grounding solution’ at present.  I’m headed to Uganda on Saturday morning on the motorcycle, and I’ll be back Sunday evening, so I doubt I’ll be on the air at all this weekend.

BUT! this trip has a dual purpose, it gives me the chance to scout out some locations for a future ‘true’ dxpedition.  Uganda is only two hours away, Burundi is only one hour. setting up a DXpedition to either country ‘should’ be easy.  And not to worry, a DXpedition like this will be more intense, and not holiday style like I have here.

Alan, 9X0TA / KE4TA

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