Some notes from Jim 9X0JW/KB1ZSQ

So I was curious why I hadn’t heard from Jim, 9X0JW / KB1ZSQ on the air yet.  I got an email from him the other day, and the situation for him is difficult.  He detailed several of the issues.

  1. RFI – Apparently everyone loooooves to use cheap lightbulbs that have horrible RF emissions on HF.  I can’t blame the Rwandans, they’re not a rich country, but its annoying.  (anyone know the best way to get this one fixed?)
  2. Lightning – Weather is a big factor, apparently they recently had some nasty storms that knocked over some antennas on the roof where he’s staying.  I’ll need a rock solid grounding system in place wherever we are.
  3. Earthquakes – I don’t think I can do much about earthquakes.

So with the bad news out of the way, I also found out that installing a vertical antenna is possible.  Jim recommends I bring both a vertical and a dipole.


Alan KE4TA, 9Xsomethingsomething

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