The Amplifier has arrived!

Unfortunately the shack is already packed up, so I’m not even taking it out of the box until we get to Rwanda. ┬áBut I’m excited that it arrived so quickly.

73, KE4TA

2 thoughts on “The Amplifier has arrived!”

  1. If you can get on 80 or 160m, please publicize your efforts to W3UR and your favorite DX newsletter(s), so that we know to listen for you. Operation on the low bands is often more successful when coordinated via the ON4KST Low Band chat, .
    Best of luck during your stay!

    Ed N4II.

    1. Ed, I will make every effort to set up an 80/160m antenna. I’ll have to get eyes on my property and determine if I can get a good antenna set up. If you have any suggestions I’m more than willing to listen.

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