Was on 17m, very high noise levels

Sorry to everyone trying to work me a few minutes ago.  Noise levels started out around S6-7, but quickly shot up to S9+, I QSY’d over to 15m, and found the noise levels were also very high here.  I’ll be back on later tonight.


2 thoughts on “Was on 17m, very high noise levels”

  1. I’ve been chasing you for a long time! Several decodes today on 20 and 17 m. I hope to get reply asap as I collected almost 170 DXCC in 3 month with FT1000MP and tribander + Moxon for 40 m. You are automatically spotted on FT8 so try to keep working frequency while Hounds call you 2 kHz wide!

    73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU, MSc EE retired, ham since 1962

    1. Yes, while I understand people want to let everyone know, spotting tends to actually slow down my QSO rate. Once the pileup hits, even FT8 QSOs take forever.

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